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Sleeping Beauty & Other Dances


Part 1: Variations – Filipino Choreographers Showcase – includes traditional Filipino music and OPM by APO Hiking Society, Jose Mari Chan


Part 2: Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)– The Awakening Princess Aurora and Prince Desire greet the guests on the celebration of her 18th birthday.


(Act 3 from Sleeping Beauty by Petipa) It was a happy and joyous occasion. However, there was something amiss. She soon wakes up and realizes it was just a beautiful dream. Aurora sees the harsh realities of life, the social problems affecting the present generation. There was so much sadness and misery brought about by the abuse of technology, surmounting poverty and social isolation. Together with her friends, they weave in and out of the problems and try to be part of the solution. She and her friends find meaning to their existence. They find their purpose in life.



2017 marks big achievements for 2 students

This year an alumna Irene Kim Abrogena won the Female CCP Senior Solo Award for 2017 while Dania Galicia was a semi-finalist for the CCP Junior Solo Competition.

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