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Where dreams begin and reach to full realization

About Claravall Classes

Claravall Ballet is not only learning the steps and series of movements. The student is trained to understand her body to maximize her potential to become the best she can be and achieve the highest level of learning. The school follows the Royal Academy of Dance (London) syllabus for both Graded and Vocational levels. It enhances coordination, musicality and self-expression, thus developing self-discipline, confidence, grace and correct posture.


At each stage of training, the level of expertise is within the grasp of the student who, through a balanced and progressive programme of study are sympathetically and expertly helped towards the understanding and principles of movements and fundamentals of classical ballet. The syllabus includes classical ballet technique, free movement, character dances, musicality and performance. Other dance genres such as jazz, contemporary are taught to older students.

Yearly Examinations

Ballet at Claravall offers great fun for children through a systematic measurement of progress and attainment starting with Pre-primary and Primary and then into eight (8) Graded and six (6) Vocational levels.

Why Take RAD Exams:

Starting with Pre-primary and Primary levels to Graded and Vocational Graded, taking exams is a measure of achievement to motivate and reward the students of all ages. It provides opportunity to progress and achieve.  A candidate who successfully pass an examination receive a Certificate of Achievement, signed by the CEO and Artistic Director of RAD.  They also receive Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals.  These Certificates are recognized in 100 countries.

Pre-primary and Primary

Starting from 4 years old ( Pre-Primary) and 6 years old for Primary, students are taught basic movements with the use of ams, legs and feet, control of their body movements and  dancing to the rhythm of the music.

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Grades 1-3

Starting with these levels, incorporates ballet, free movement and character dances

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Grades 4-5

Students are expected to have achieved a higher level of technique, musicality and performance.

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Vocational Grades include Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. These levels develop the technique, music and performance skills preparing them for a dance or dance related career.

These higher levels are accepted as a measure of achievement and highly valued by institutions offering degree courses in performing arts,

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Adult Ballet

It is never too late to enroll in ballet. Whatever your age whether with previous training or no training at all, there will be a class that will be suited for you.

Invest in your child’s dreams and support her to reach her goal to be a dancer of the highest level.

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